Enquête québécoise sur le tabagisme chez les élèves du secondaire (EQTES)

    Type of survey

    Cross-sectional survey.

    Targeted population

    Students in Secondary 1 to 5 enrolled in Québec public and private, French and English high schools, excluding those enrolled in vocational training centres, schools located in health region 10 (Nord-du-Québec) or in remote areas, schools where the language of instruction is an Aboriginal language, schools outside the school board network (under the authority of another department or the federal government) and schools comprising at least 30% of students with handicaps.


    1998: 4,238 students

    2000: 4,730 students

    2002: 4,771 students

    2013: 4,943 students


    Smoking; trends in smoking; behaviours of smokers; knowledge, attitudes and opinions about smoking; social and family influences; attempts to stop smoking.


    Analytical products and data

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