Statistical services

    The Institut provides departments and agencies with services of a scientific and technical nature, such as carrying out surveys, studies and analyses, methodological and data processing work, as well as economic impact studies. The Institut also puts its dissemination capabilities to the service of departments and agencies.

    Numerous statistics and publications on Québec are available on the Institut’s website. In addition, the Institut’s Information and Documentation Centre provides documentary and research assistance services, as well as access to its collections offering a wide variety of statistics on Québec.

    The Institut also offers a range of services that facilitate access to statistical data and consulting services for scientific research purposes, in accordance with confidentiality rules.

    The Institut is at the service of the population as a whole and makes its products and services available to citizens as well as to public and parapublic organizations, municipalities, private businesses, union and employer organizations, and community-based groups. 


    • Regional statistics
    • Data collection
    • Longitudinal and specialized surveys
    • Customized statistical compilations
    • Statistical and survey methodology
    • Geographical information and spatial analysis
    • Access to data for research purposes
    • Economic impact studies and greenhouse
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