Career opportunities

    Working at the Institut de la statistique du Québec means contributing to the production, analysis and dissemination of official, objective and quality statistical information about Québec. It also means working in a very dynamic work environment on a variety of projects where the development and sharing of expertise are put forward.

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    Job openings (in French only)

    Offre d'affectation

    Une agente ou un agent de secrétariat (PDF)
    Observatoire de la culture et des communications du Québec

    • Statut de l'emploi : régulier
    • Date limite : 20 juin 2023

    Processus de sélection – recrutement

    Une ou un économiste (PDF)
    Direction des statistiques économiques

    • Statut de l'emploi : deux emplois réguliers
    • Date limite : 8 juin 2023

    Why join us?

    • Have a real influence on Québec society by participating in the production of statistical information that supports decision-making and helps advance knowledge in key areas;
    • Tackle a variety of exciting intellectual challenges;
    • Become part of a dynamic, passionate team that values rigour, objectivity and innovation; and
    • Work in a friendly, accessible and constantly-evolving environment.

    Work schedule

    • Standard 35-hour work week.
    • Flexible work arrangements: compressed work week with reduced hours or accumulation of compensatory leave.
    • Variable hours: flexible work schedule with mandatory hours of presence and services to be provided.

    Vacation and leave

    • Four weeks of vacation from the first year.
    • Group insurance plan with health insurance and complementary plans.
    • Leave for family events: marriage, death, moving, etc.

    Personal development

    • Tuition fee reimbursement and study leave.
    • Recognition of education completed while employed.
    • Continuing education.
    • Internal mobility: vacancies are first offered to Institut employees.

    Health and wellness

    • Physical activity expense reimbursement program.
    • Employee assistance program.

    How to apply

    Hiring process in the public service

    • Create a profile on the Portail Carrières
    • Submit an application
    • Pass the examinations
    • Participate in a job interview
    • Accept a job

    For more information or to register for a hiring process, visit the Portail Carrières.

    Emplois étudiants et stages (in French only)

    Aucune offre de stage disponible pour le moment.


    Vous désirez occuper un emploi ou réaliser un stage pendant vos études? Rendez-vous sur le Portail carrières.

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