Main job profiles

    L’Institut compte 300 employées et employés occupant divers types d’emploi, à Québec comme à Montréal.

    These are the job profiles most in demand at the Institut. Please note that this list is not exhaustive so do not hesitate to submit an application.

    Professional positions

    Exige généralement un grade universitaire de premier cycle.

    Health statistics research officer

    Health statistics research officers are in charge of population and epidemiology surveys and participate in the planning and drafting of research protocols. They work together with the other ISQ divisions to develop survey projects on health and its determinants. As well, they participate in the production and dissemination of statistical health information using various analysis reports.

    Academic requirements: Bachelor's or master’s degree in anthropology, demography, epidemiology, geography, psychology, community health, statistics, economics, sociology, political science or health services administration.

    Labour and compensation research officer

    Labour and compensation research officers plan, organize and carry out research, studies and surveys on the labour market and compensation. To that end, they develop, validate and apply research methodologies for various research projects. They analyse collective agreements and propose improvements to survey methodology, concepts and approaches in order to attain a higher level of quality.

    Academic requirements: Bachelor’s degree in administration (concentration in people management or human resources management), business administration (concentration in human resources management), industrial relations or industrial resources and human resources.

    Computer analyst

    Computer analysts design, develop, advance and maintain systems on various processor platforms ensuring an appropriate reponse to the needs of the organization. They conduct studies in the fields of digital security and information. They support management processes and information technology work tools, design business solutions, and carry out preliminary studies. They must also ensure the functional support of multi-platform technology infrastructures and networks. Also, they also coordinate the implementation of information technology changes in the development and production environments.

    Academic requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer systems engineering, information technology engineering, applied computer science, business data processing, computer science or software engineering.

    Data collection survey manager

    Data collection survey managers conduct feasibility studies on statistical surveys by defining optimum data collection strategies in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, and by participating in determining project estimates. In project management, they are responsible for the planning, organization, and implementation of various data collection process stages and budget monitoring. They collaborate in the design of questionnaires, data collection instruments, draft procedure manuals and data collection reports as well as data collection reports. Lastly, they ensure quality control in all interventions conducted.

    Academic requirements: Bachelor’s degree in business administration (concentration in marketing or management quantitative methods), operations research, consumption, sociology, social development and social problems analysis or statistics.


    Demographers monitor the main demographic indicators and study statistical trends in the fields of fertility, nuptiality, mortality, mobility, and household and family status. They also produce population estimates and projections at the provincial level, at various geographical levels and by population characteristics. Demographers carry out the methodological development of tools used to measure the population indicators, estimates and projections they produce and conduct analytical studies to establish links between certain socioeconomic variables and demographic phenomena.

    Academic requirements: Master’s degree in demography.


    Economists compile, integrate and disseminate data on disparities, poverty and social exclusion, science, technology and innovation, and the economic situation or the labour market in Québec. They conduct research and studies, and produce analytical reports on those subjects. As well, they are responsible for the creation and management of databanks. They also conduct strategic monitoring in various fields of expertise.


    Statisticians develop, apply and advance statistical methodologies for various Institut projects. Working within multidisciplinary teams composed of members of different administrative units, statisticians serve as experts in the fields of survey methodology and statistical analysis of data.

    In that capacity, they discuss the survey objectives with the client, establish the sampling plan, determine the sample size, prepare the survey population database, receive the results of the data collection, and carry out the statistical analysis of the data collected, sometimes relating them to complementary data taken from information databanks. At the end of this process, they also discuss the results obtained and their interpretation with the client and prepare a methodology report.

    Academic requirements: Bachelor’s degree in mathematics (concentration in statistics) or in statistics.

    Technical and office positions

    Exige généralement un diplôme de niveau secondaire ou collégial.

    Computer technician

    Computer technicians work in various fields of intervention. They participate in the maintenance and evolution of organizational applications developed on various technology platforms. They develop, improve and correct computer programs. They produce technical documentation on data processing components and conduct studies for systems evolution work. They ensure the functioning of applications, software and software packages on various platforms, and provide advice and support to the users of those technologies.

    Academic requirements: Diploma of College Studies (DEC) in computer techniques.

    Research, opinion poll and survey technician

    Research, opinion poll and survey technicians are responsible for assisting teams of professionals in the pursuit of their respective mandates regarding surveys and statistical data production. More specifically, they analyze and process statistical data and present the results of these analyses in the form of tables, charts and summaries. In addition, they participate in documentary research work and build databases and statistical files.

    In the data collection process, they assist professionals in the preparation of questionnaires, computerize these questionnaires according to the data collection method (Web, telephone, etc.). They also prepare and manage samples, supervise mailings and participate in survey quality control.

    Academic requirements: Diploma of College Studies (DEC) in computer techniques (option: business data processing) or in data research and management techniques (Collège Rosemont).

    Administrative technician

    Administrative technicians carry out administrative support activities in fields such as human, material, financial and information resources management. To do so, they collect and analyze data or information, produce reports and carry out various mandates of an administrative nature.

    Academic requirements: Diploma of College Studies (DEC) in accounting and management technology, insurance and financial services consulting or business management.


    Secretaries play an important role within their work teams and contribute to efficient management. They plan, organize and carry out secretarial work using various software to process correspondance, produce documents, manage files and monitor budgets. They also set up filing systems and keep them up to date.

    Academic requirements: Diploma of vocational studies (DEP) with specialization in secretarial studies

    Office clerk

    Office clerks perform various tasks such as collecting, verifying, selecting, interpreting, preparing and sending data and processing mail. These tasks mainly concern the application of rules, instructions and administrative measures, as well as paperwork related to accounting, statistics and procurement.

    Academic requirements: Secondary School Diploma (SSD)) equivalent to the 11th grade or the 5th year of secondary school, or a certificate of studies whose equivalence is recognized by a competent authority.


    Interviewers are the employees responsible for collecting data. These data are used as input for the statistical analyses conducted by the ISQ. The main function of interviewers is to conduct telephone interviews with Québec households or companies. They may also be required to participate in various tasks associated with the collection of information from various respondents. Interviewers must have excellent verbal communication skills and be comfortable using computers.

    The work schedule of interviewers will vary according to the surveys conducted, i.e. up to 35 hours or seven days or evenings a week based on the needs of the survey project.

    Academic requirements: Secondary School Diploma (SSD).

    Interviewer Application Form (in French only)

    Senior interviewer

    Senior interviewers oversee the interviewers in the phone room. They are the interface between telephone interviewers and those in charge of the phone room. They supervise calls and see to it that the objectives set are reached. They motivate the interviewers and ensure that the rules of conduct are complied with.

    The work schedule of senior interviewers varies depending on the surveys conducted, i.e. up to 35 hours, or seven days or six evenings a week, as required. These jobs are all casual positions.

    Academic requirements: Secondary School Diploma (SSD) and 2 years of recent experience as a telephone interviewer or any other employment of the same nature (telephone clerk, telemarketing agent).

    Data entry clerk

    Academic requirements : Having successfully completed Secondary 5 and having recent and significant data entry experience. Excellent communication skills and being comfortable with the use of a computer are essential.

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