Enquête québécoise sur le tabagisme chez les élèves du secondaire, 1998

    This publication presents a detailed portrait of tobacco use in Québec high school students that is based on a population survey. This is the first in a series of recurring surveys aimed at monitoring smoking in young Québecers.

    In addition to the scope of the smoking phenomenon, the report documents the factors associated with taking up and maintaining this harmful habit, such as the influence of peers and family, accessibility of tobacco products, attitudes and beliefs about the harmful effects of cigarettes on the health of both smokers and non-smokers, exposure to second-hand smoke, and attempts to stop smoking.

    The target population of the survey included all students in Secondary 1 through 5 enrolled in the youth sector in French and English, public and private high schools in Québec. In total, 4,238 students from 128 schools took part in the survey in the fall 1998.

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