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    Marriages - Québec

    Data on marriages at the Québec level. Indicators such as the total first marriage rate and first marriage rates by age group are also available.

    2021 Highlights

    The number of marriages celebrated in Québec in 2021 is estimated at 14,700.

    There were 3,400 more marriages (+30%) than in 2020 (11,300), a year marked by an unprecedented drop (-49%) in marriages associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Despite the rebound in 2021, marriages remained at a lower level than before the pandemic (between 22,000 and 23,500 annually over the past 15 years).

    The number of marriages was up from the previous year for all categories of officiants; ministers of religion posted the strongest increase (+52%).

    In 2021, 36% of marriages were celebrated by a minister of religion, 25% by a notary, 20% by a clerk, and 19% by a designated officiant (e.g., a friend or a family member of the couple).

    The average age at first marriage was 32.8 years for men and 31.2 years for women.

    Among all marriages, about 500 (3%) were same-sex marriages.