Québec Household Internet Access Survey

    Type of survey

    Cross-sectional survey, regional estimates.

    Targeted population

    The 2012 edition targets all Québec households, excluding collective households and those living on Indian reserves and on Cree and Inuit territories (Kativik and Eeyou Istchee territories) in northern Québec.

    A component on individual Internet use was added in the 2016 edition, therefore that edition of the survey has two target populations. The target population for the “access” component is the same as in 2012, while the “use” component targets individuals aged 16 and over living in eligible households.

    Sampling and data collection


    67,136 households


    3,999 individuals/households


    The “Internet access” component is about Internet access, connection types, access equipment, and the reasons for not being connected to the Internet among all Québec households. The themes addressed in the “Internet use” component (2016 edition) are frequency of use, activities carried out online, use of Québec government departments’ and agencies’ online services, and e-commerce.


    Analytical products and data

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