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    Rémunération des salariés. État et évolution comparés

    These reports present the ISQ’s findings on employee compensation. They contain the detailed results of the comparison of salaries, non-wage benefits, and total compensation of Québec government employees with those of all other Québec employees working in businesses with 200 or more employees. The comparison is also made with different sectors of the labour market: the private sector, the “other public” sector and its subsectors (municipal and federal governments, “government enterprises” and the university sector). An update on salary and total compensation differentials is also provided.

    In addition, the reports contain results regarding salary trends for Québec government employees and the various sectors of the economy. They look at salary growth, based on salary-scale increases, as well as salary projections.

    With the information disseminated in these reports, Québec decision-makers are assured to have access to data that will facilitate their compensation decisions.

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