Québec Progress Indicators

    The Québec Progress Indicators for Measuring Well-being and National Wealth (Québec Progress Indicators) are available in various forms. These key indicators are presented in a dashboard which shows the trend, either favourable or unfavourable in terms of progress, for each indicator over the past 16 years or so. A detailed table summarizes the main results since 2003 for the province of Québec, the rest of Canada, and Canada as a whole.

    Technical or methodological documents offer additional information for each indicator, and include graphs and comprehensive data tables along with a definition, a description of its relevance to measuring progress, and methodological notes.

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    The Québec Progress Indicators aim to measure what matters most to people, based on a limited number of indicators. For this reason, the Institut de la statistique du Québec invites you to send in your comments about this initiative and the dimensions of well-being and national wealth that are most important to you. Your suggestions will inform discussions and could be used by the Institut to expand its list of progress indicators.

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