État de santé, utilisation des services de santé et besoins non comblés des immigrants au Québec

    In this study, we look at differences in health status and health service utilization between immigrants and Canadian-born individuals.

    First, the prevalence of disability and some long-term health problems by immigration status is presented, distinguishing between recent immigrants, long-term immigrants and the Canadian-born. We also examine the likelihood of recent and long-term immigrants, compared to Canadian-born individuals, to have a long-term disability or health problem after controlling for various socio-demographic characteristics.

    Second, we examine the relationship between immigration status and various aspects of health service utilization and unmet need (an unmet need is defined as one where an individual has required a service but was unable to obtain it).

    This study is based on data from the 2010–2011 Québec Survey on the Experience of Health and the 2010–2011 Québec Survey on Activity Limitations, Chronic Diseases and Aging.

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