Enquête Santé Québec auprès des Inuits du Nunavik, 1992-1993

    The report of the survey of the residents of 14 Inuit villages in Nunavik conducted in 1992 draws a general portrait of the health status of that population.

    The report is divided into three volumes. This first volume presents certain determinants of the health of the Inuit population, such as: contaminants; smoking, alcohol and drug use; eating habits, physical activity and obesity; preventive behaviours; environment and social support.
    The second volume of the report on the survey conducted in 1992 in Nunavik examines the physical and mental health of the Inuit, the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases in this population, as well as the impact of these two aspects on the health and social services system of Nunavik.
    The third volume focuses on the results of the “nutrition” component of the survey conducted in 1992 in Nunavik. The data makes it possible to assess, among the Inuit, food consumption according to food groups and energy and nutrient intakes. It also examines how traditional foods and foods imported from southern Québec contribute to nutrient intake.

    The target population of the survey comprises all persons living permanently in Inuit private households and residing in the Nunavik region. The sample includes 400 households and 618 individuals aged 15 and over.

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