Enquête québécoise sur le développement des enfants à la maternelle 2017. Portrait statistique pour le Québec et ses régions administratives

    This publication presents the main findings of the Québec Survey of Child Development in Kindergarten 2017 (QSCDK) for Québec as a whole and its regions. It provides information on certain characteristics of children in kindergarten and the proportion of vulnerable children according to five domains of development: physical health and well-being; social competence; emotional maturity; language and cognitive development; and communication skills and general knowledge.

    Conducted with more than 5,000 teachers in about 1,800 elementary schools (French- and English-language, public and private) in Québec’s 17 administrative regions, this large-scale survey provides reliable data on the children enrolled full-time in 5-year-old kindergarten in 2016-2017. Over 83,000 questionnaires were completed by the children’s teachers between February and May 2017.

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