Secretarial staff (409)

    Summary of responsibilities

    Secretarial staff perform various administrative tasks and support managers and professionals in their work. Mainly, they greet visitors and direct them to the appropriate location, provide information over the telephone, open and screen correspondence, draft documents with special attention to grammar and spelling, set appointments and issue reminders to those concerned.

    Education requirement

    Secondary School Diploma or Diploma of Vocational Studies (DEP) and training from a private secretarial school, or Diploma of College Studies (DEC) with a specialization in secretarial studies or office system technology

    Condition of employment


    Minimum experience generally required by level of complexity

    • Level 1: None
    • Level 2: 5 years
    • Level 3: 8 years

    Description of the levels of complexity

    Examples of job titles

    • Word processing operator
    • Secretary
    • Executive secretary
    • Administrative assistant
    • Junior secretary

    To be excluded from this job

    • Medical secretary
    • Legal secretary
    • Clerical and administrative support personnel (ERG 407)
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