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    Light duty cleaners (522)

    Summary of responsibilities

    Light duty cleaners dust in areas accessible from the floor, clean ashtrays and waste paper baskets weighing 11.34 kilograms or less, clean light fixtures and stains on walls and floors, sweep, mop or vacuum floors, wash glass partitions accessible from the floor, perform light cleaning of washrooms and change bed sheets.

    Light duty cleaners are generally found in hotels, resorts, hospitals, and building management or cleaning service companies.

    Education requirement


    Condition of employment


    Minimum experience generally required by level of complexity

    • Level 1: Not applicable
    • Level 2: None
    • Level 3: Not applicable

    Description of the levels of complexity

    Examples of job titles

    • Cleaning woman/man
    • Housekeeper
    • Room attendant
    • Homemaker helper
    • Office building cleaner

    To be excluded from this job

    • Team leader
    • Window washer
    • Heavy duty cleaner (ERG 518)
    • Janitor and caretaker (ERG 502)