Monthly Mineral Production Survey

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    Type of survey

    Monthly census survey that collects data from the previous month.

    Targeted population

    Establishments in the following industries of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS):

    • Metal ore mining (NAICS 2122)
    • Non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying (NAICS 2123)
      • Other non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying (NAICS 21239)
    • Cement and concrete product manufacturing (NAICS 3273)
      • Cement manufacturing (NAICS 32731)
    • Lime and gypsum product manufacturing (NAICS 3274)
      • Lime manufacturing (NAICS 32741)


    • Stone mining and quarrying (NAICS 21231)
    • Sand, gravel, clay, and ceramic and refractory minerals mining and quarrying (NAICS 21232)

    Sampling and data collection

    No sample. All businesses in the targeted population are surveyed.


    Production, shipments, outgoing transfers, crude ore/minerals extracted, industrial capacity rate.

    Methodological and technical information

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