Les attentes des usagers à l'égard des services de santé et des services sociaux diffèrent-elles selon leur état de santé?

    The users’ point of view can play a major role in a process of evaluating and improving the quality of health and social services. Surveys that measure the level of user satisfaction are one of the means used to take this into account. The purpose of this study is to verify whether the classification of 41 expectations differs between users that are more vulnerable health-wise and other users, based on data from the Enquête québécoise sur la satisfaction des usagers à l’égard des services de santé et des services sociaux conducted in 2006–2007. It is reasonable to believe that the former may have different expectations due to their particular experiences and backgrounds with the health system.

    This bulletin first reviews the initial results obtained in terms of the overall classification of expectations for all Québec users and then presents the differences observed between the groups under study in terms of their expectations.

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