Le marché du travail et les parents

    The report Le marché du travail et les parents (labour market and parents) provides statistics and analyses on the work-family balance in Québec for individuals aged between 25 and 44. The information is given for the year 2008 or based on the most recent data available; a trends analysis is also done where relevant. This report takes a look at how family responsibilities influence labour market participation and how endeavouring to balance family and work affects parents’ lives.

    This report first details the key demographic and labour market developments that make work-family balance, more than ever, a current issue. The other themes covered are labour market participation, selected work characteristics and conditions related to jobs held (part-time work, class of worker, hours worked and hours of absence from work, low wage rate, etc.), parents’ time management arrangements and the parental leave and occupational adjustments new parents have or would like to have. These indicators are analysed based on various family situations (the presence of children or not, age of youngest child, number of children, and type of economic family in the case of both women and men.

    An ad hoc publication of the Institut, this statistical portrait on work-family balance will serve as food for thought for other actors interested in that issue as well as for future work in that area.

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