Étude auprès des communautés culturelles, 1998-1999

    The overall objective of the Étude auprès des communautés culturelles 1998-1999 was to gather relevant information on the lifestyle habits, selected health and social problems and health-service use patterns of recent immigrants from various cultural communities, in order to enable planners, researchers and stakeholders to better identify needs and key areas for action. The first chapter deals with the methodological aspects of the study, the second describes the population and families, and the other chapters focus on the results.

    The structure of the report reflects the systemic approach that was adopted for this survey. Chapters 3 to 14 present characteristics of the subjects: lifestyle habits and preventive behaviours (Chapters 3 to 7), health status (Chapters 8 to 11), use of services (Chapters 12 and 13) and medication use (Chapter 14). Finally, a general conclusion highlights the most significant elements of these chapters and offers some food for thought.

    This is followed by Chapters 15 (support network) and 16 (socio-economic conditions and the workplace) and Chapter 17 on norms, values and ideologies, which explores the links between religion, spirituality, and health and well-being.

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