Bilan du marché du travail au Québec

    The publication Bilan du marché du travail au Québec provides an analysis of labour market conditions in Québec, which are also put into perspective with the trends observed over the past 10 years. This brochure examines trends in employment according to various criteria, including personal characteristics, economic sectors, work pattern and class of worker. It also analyzes the main labour market indicators and provides a brief analysis of earnings and hours of work. This document provides an overview of labour market conditions in the whole of Canada and in the other provinces. In addition, it includes a section on administrative regions and on the immigrant population.

    Bilan du marché du travail au Québec is intended for those who want a current portrait of labour market conditions and their recent evolution. In this report, workers, businesses, labour organizations, professional associations, governments and research communities will find a relevant and concise statistical analysis of the Québec labour market.

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