Enquête Santé Québec, 1987

    The report of this province-wide survey conducted in 1987 is divided into two volumes: the first contains a descriptive analysis of the themes selected in the general survey model, and the second is a collection of complementary tables.

    Results are analyzed according to three major themes. The first is health determinants, such as lifestyle habits or harmful or preventive behaviours. The second theme relates to health statuses, which are described according to the characteristics or factors that are likely to influence them. As for the third theme, it focuses on the consequences of a given health status, namely disabilities, use of services and medication use.

    The target population of the survey comprises all private households in Québec; however, the Nord-du-Québec region and Indian reserves are excluded. In total, 11,323 households responded to the survey (questionnaire completed by the interviewer), and 19,724 persons aged 15 and over completed a self-administered individual questionnaire.

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