Comparaison de la rémunération des employés de l'administration québécoise. Rémunération par catégorie d'emplois en 2012

    This series of five fascicles on compensation in specific job categories (professional, technical, clerical, maintenance and service, and trades) is produced as part of the Institut’s mandate of comparing the compensation of Québec government employees to that of other employees in Québec. The results of the comparison are for 2012.

    Each fascicle first offers a portrait of the workforce in the Québec government and in comparator markets. Then, compensation differentials between the Québec government and selected groups, including other Québec employees and those in the private and “other public” sectors (municipal governments [populations of 25,000 or more], federal government, government business enterprises, and universities) are presented by benchmark job and by category. The evolution of these differentials over a period of two years is also presented. Finally, each fascicle contains a specific analysis and three appendixes.

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