Paralegals (306)

    Summary of responsibilities

    Paralegals assist the management staff of registry and records offices in carrying out various technical work related to legal, judicial and court activities. They also work with professionals specializing in various fields of law and the administration of justice.

    Paralegals are generally found in law firms or notary offices, legal or litigation departments, court registries, public administrations and administrative agencies.

    Education requirement

    Diploma of College Studies (DEC) in paralegal technology

    Condition of employment


    Minimum experience generally required by level of complexity

    • Level 1: None
    • Level 2: 3 years
    • Level 3: 8 years

    Description of the levels of complexity

    Examples of job titles

    • Law clerk
    • Paralegal
    • Legal assistant

    To be excluded from this job

    • Legal secretary
    • Notary public
    • Trademark agent
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