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    Regard sur les plus grands donateurs du Québec

    Like mutual aid and volunteering, financial donations are a philanthropic practice that reflects the level of community involvement. An important characteristic of individual donations to charities and other non-profit organizations is the unevenness of the amounts given according to individual and geographic characteristics. The research has shown the variability of donations according to education, socio-professional status (including income), age and religiosity, as well as differences between Québec and the rest of Canada due to differences in philanthropic culture. One way to address the issue of inequality in donations is to compare donors as a whole to the “primary donors” group. This group is made up of the top 10% of donors who give out the largest amounts.

    This article focuses on Québec’s primary donors. After providing some information on the amounts donated by this group, we look at who is part of it and in what areas the donations go. Next, we consider the importance of Québec’s donors among Canada’s primary donors.

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