Regard sur la comparaison de la rémunération des employés de l’administration québécoise

    By virtue of the law governing it, the Institut’s mission, among other things, is to compare the compensation of unionized employees in the Québec government with those of other employees in the province. Every year by November 30, the Institut is mandated to publish the results of this comparative analysis.

    To shed light on its findings, in this report the Institut presents the methodology used to produce the comparison of remuneration. First, there is a brief history of how the analyses were conducted. Then there is a summary of the basic principles of the comparison, and the approach used is shown in parallel to that of three other recent studies on the topic. The goal is help readers gain a better understanding and interpretation of the various results and to provide nuance to the comments or critiques that may arise on the methodology chosen and the findings disseminated by the Institut.

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