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    Mineral shipments by administrative region, Québec, 2018-2019

    Ce contenu est archivé. L’information est fournie à des fins de référence. Elle ne sera plus mise à jour. Pour des données à jour, consultez les principales statistiques des industries de l'extraction minière pour les minerais métalliques et certains minerais non métalliques (données annuelles).

    Quantity and value of shipments of mineral commodities extracted in Québec. These shipments excludes minerals treated in Québec but from other Canadian provinces or territories or from abroad. They also excludes recycled minerals as well as oil and gaz.


    Administrative region and commodity Value ($k)
      2018 2019

    01 Bas-Saint-Laurent 51,313 77,064
    Lime, stone, sand and gravel, peat, silica    
    02 Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean 359,526 350,722
    Niobium (ferroniobium), stone, sand and gravel, peat    
    03 Capitale-Nationale 217,227 224,518
    Cement, stone, sand and gravel, silica    
    04 Mauricie 41,947 37,440
    Mica, stone, sand and gravel, silica    
    05 Estrie 67,917 79,247
    Lime, stone, sand and gravel    
    06 Montréal 19,409 20,975
    07 Outaouais 21,344 22,700
    Feldspar, stone, sand and gravel    
    08 Abitibi-Témiscamingue 2,539,551 2,780,383
    Antimony, silver, bismuth, cadmium, copper, gold, lithium (spodumene), stone, sand and gravel, selenium, tellurium, peat, zinc    
    09 Côte-Nord 2,606,509 3,022,413
    Ilmenite (FeTiO3), iron ore, stone, sand and gravel, silica, peat    
    10 Nord-du-Québec 3,033,543 3,153,077
    Silver, cadmium, cobalt, copper, diamond, iridium, nickel, gold,
    iron ore, peat, palladium, stone, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, sand and gravel, zinc
    11 Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine 66,535 237,805
    Stone, sand and gravel, salt, peat    
    12 Chaudière-Appalaches 60,167 51,568
    Stone, sand and gravel, peat    
    13 Laval 53,155 14,080
    14 Lanaudière 131,957 205,317
    Lime, cement, stone, sand and gravel    
    15 Laurentides 105,484 122,131
    Cement, graphite, stone, sand and gravel, silica    
    16 Montérégie 1,323,038 1,495,374
    Lime, cement, iron (cast iron, steel), stone, clay product,    
    sand and gravel, titanium (TiO2), peat    
    17 Centre-du-Québec 28,552 19,515
    Stone, sand and gravel, peat    
    All of Québec 10,727,173 11,914,330

    Source: Institut de la statistique du Québec, Annual Census on Mineral Production.


    Update : June 21, 2021
    Symbols used in tables
    .. Data not available
    ... Not applicable
    Void or zero
    Negligible data
    p Preliminary data
    r Revised data
    e Estimated data
    x Confidential
    F Data unreliable
    n.e.s. Not elsewhere specified
    p.-y. Person-year
    f.t.e Full-time equivalent
    Per thousand
    kg Kilogramme
    l Liter
    n Number
    t Metric ton
    $ In dollars
    k and '000 In thousands
    M and '000 000 In millions
    G In billions

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