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    Less-qualified jobs in Québec

    Workforce and job qualification remains a current issue because of the complex relationship between labour supply and demand. For a number of years, notably in Québec, there has been an increase in the qualification of workers along with an increase in the number of jobs requiring higher qualifications. In this context, some believe that so-called less-qualified jobs (jobs that don’t require a technical college education or higher education) will progressively decrease in labour markets. However, these jobs still represent more than half of the workforce in Québec. Studying less-qualified jobs is therefore still relevant since it’s a reality experienced by more than 2 million workers in Québec in 2017.

    This study uses three data sources to draw a detailed portrait of less-qualified jobs according to a series of indicators that include labour market, working conditions and other aspects. The chosen approach was to compare this category of employment with that which opposes it, which is qualified jobs. For useful and complementary comparisons to be made, a framework for analyzing statistical data has been developed. It structures the plan of this study, which includes the following six analysis sections:

     ·   the evolution of less-qualified jobs over the last 20 years
    ·    the heterogeneity of supply and demand for less-qualified jobs
    ·    the transitional or permanent nature of less-qualified jobs
    ·    the relative salary value of less-qualified jobs
    ·    the quality of less-qualified jobs
    ·    the skills used in less-qualified jobs

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