Les personnes âgées à travers les enquêtes de Santé Québec

    The monograph entitled “Les personnes âgées à travers les enquêtes de Santé Québec” (A portrait of the elderly based on Santé Québec surveys) is a descriptive analysis of the information obtained through surveys conducted by Santé Québec, the organization that became the Direction Santé Québec of the Institut de la statistique du Québec in April 1999. The main objective of this monograph is to present the results obtained with regard to persons aged 65 or over living in private households and the changes observed since 1987, with a view to ensuring that the health and well-being of this group and the associated risk factors are monitored.

    The data are taken from the Enquête Santé Québec 1987 (1987 Santé Québec Survey), the Enquête sociale et de santé 1992-1993 (1992-1993 Health and Social Survey) and the Enquête sociale et de santé 1998 (1998 Health and Social Survey), all of which are large-scale surveys covering the entire population in all regions of Québec. This monograph provides valuable information on the major factors influencing health (lifestyle and preventive behaviours), as well as on the state of health and well-being of the elderly and its consequences on their consumption of services and their ability to function.

    There is also a section devoted to the immediate environment (social support, satisfaction with social life), and data on this aspect as well as on values such as spirituality and religion are presented. Finally, the monograph presents a reflection on the evolution of the situation from the perspective of future generations.

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