Enquête sociale et de santé, 1992-1993

    This report follows up on the Enquête Santé Québec 1987 survey report. The survey conducted in 1992-1993 is based on the general model of that survey, but adds to it by addressing certain health-related social problems and the factors associated with them.

    The report is divided into three volumes. This first volume analyzes the themes covered in the general survey model, i.e. the health status of persons aged 15 and over and its determinants and consequences. In addition, for the themes likely to have undergone changes, the results obtained in 1992-1993 are compared with those of the 1987 edition of the survey.

    The target population of the survey comprises all private households in Québec; however, Cree and Inuit regions and Indian reserves are excluded from the survey. In total, 13,266 households responded to the survey (questionnaire completed by the interviewer) and 23,564 persons aged 15 and over in these households completed a self-administered individual questionnaire.

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