Enquête québécoise sur les limitations d'activités, 1998

    The Enquête québécoise sur les limitations d'activités 1998 focuses on Quebecers of all ages (children and adults) with disabilities and living at home. This survey report provides estimated disability rates according to the nature and severity of the disabilities for the province as a whole, as well as estimated disability rates for each health region. It describes the characteristics of the population with disabilities and compares them in different ways with those of the Québec population without disabilities. This report also provides an analysis of how several indicators related to health and social integration of this population have changed over time, based on a comparison with the results of Statistics Canada’s Health and Activity Limitation Survey (HALS) from 1986 and 1991. A wide range of topics related to the integration of people with disabilities are discussed in this report: participation in the labour market, schooling, transportation, recreation, use and requirement of assistance, technical aids, and services, special accommodations, etc.
    This report also provides an analysis of life expectancy and healthy life expectancy in the Québec population, their evolution (1986-1998) and regional variations. The survey was conducted in 1998, first with 30,000 respondents, then with 4,015 respondents with disabilities. This report is one of the most complete sources of information on the population with disabilities in Québec and is a reference for service planning.

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