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    Eco-Responsible Practices

    In total, 81.6% of the businesses covered by the survey, i.e. those with at least one employee in Québec, reported having implemented at least one eco-responsible business practice in 2019.

    The higher a business’s revenues, the more likely it was to adopt eco-responsible business practices.

    The most common eco-responsible business practices were:

    • Residual materials management (41.5%)
    • Improving employee participation and work relationships (40.7%)
    • Promoting the health of employees (38.1%)
    • Eco-responsible procurement (37.8%)
    • Supporting the well-being and development of employees (37.8%)

    In 2019, 29.7% of businesses had implemented eco-responsible business practices related to the fight against climate change.

    The bulletin Les pratiques d'affaires écoresponsables. Données de 2019 also contains results by business size, revenue and industry sector.

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