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    Eco-responsible practices and clean technologies in Québec businesses

    Notice of release

    Québec, September 14, 2021. – What are the main eco-responsible business practices implemented by Québec businesses? Which clean technologies are used the most? The Institut de la statistique du Québec released today two bulletins that provide a picture of the situation based on the 2019 results of its Survey on Sustainable Development, Eco-Responsible Practices and Clean Technologies.


    Eco-responsible practices

    In total, 81.6% of the businesses covered by the survey, i.e. those with at least one employee in Québec, reported having implemented at least one eco-responsible business practice in 2019.

    The higher a business’s revenues, the more likely it was to adopt eco-responsible business practices.

    The most common eco-responsible business practices were:

    • Residual materials management (41.5%)
    • Improving employee participation and work relationships (40.7%)
    • Promoting the health of employees (38.1%)
    • Eco-responsible procurement (37.8%)
    • Supporting the well-being and development of employees (37.8%)

    In 2019, 29.7% of businesses had implemented eco-responsible business practices related to the fight against climate change.

    Clean technologies

    In Québec, 65.4% of businesses reported using clean technologies in 2019: businesses with 5 or more employees more so (71.0%) than those with 1 to 4 employees (60.2%).

    Clean technologies related to residual materials management, including recycling, were the most frequently used by businesses in Québec (54.8%). They were followed by clean technologies that promote good water management (13.7%) and those aimed at improving energy efficiency, energy management or the use of efficient industrial or commercial equipment (11.9%).

    One out of four businesses used at least one clean technology to address climate change (26.1%).

    The bulletins also contain results by business size, revenue and industry sector.

    View the two bulletins:

    L'utilisation des technologies propres (in French only)

    Les pratiques d'affaires écoresponsables (in French only)

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