Les technologies de pointe dans le secteur de la fabrication au Québec en 2007 - Rapport d'enquête

    Advanced technologies play a major role in economic development, ensuring a leadership position on the markets. These new technologies have broad implications on the productivity and organization of business production.

    This publication studies, with the use of survey data, the behaviour of Québec establishments in the manufacturing and logging industries as regards advanced technology. The objective is to collect important information on the technological capacities of those establishments. We are also looking for information on the professional skills required as a result of advanced technology adoption, the methods of acquisition of those technologies, sources of information or assistance for the adoption of advanced technologies, the outcome of adoption, the obstacles to adoption, and business practices and success factors. Information has also been gathered on the use of emerging technologies such as geomatic/geospatial technologies, biotechnology and nanotechnology. Other general information such as research and development activities, and innovation in Québec establishments has also been collected.

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