Santé générale, santé mentale et stress au Québec. Regard sur les liens avec l'âge, le sexe, la scolarité et le revenu – Série Enquête sur la santé dans les collectivités canadiennes

    Perceived health is a reliable and valid indicator of physical and mental functioning that is used in several social and health surveys around the world, with the advantage that it can be applied to the entire population. Four indicators of perceived health are discussed in this article: self-assessment of general health, self-assessment of mental health, and perception of stress in daily life and at work. Comparisons between Québec and the other provinces are made and links between these indicators are established. Analyses based on the Québec population and on personal factors such as age, sex, education and income are also presented, as well as a temporal analysis of the four indicators of perceived health. The data presented are drawn from the first three cycles (2000–2001, 2003 and 2005) of the Canadian Community Health Survey.

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