Revenu, faible revenu et inégalité de revenu : Portrait des Québécoises et des Québécois de 55 ans et plus vivant en logement privé

    The adjustments required by demographic changes are of great interest to Québec society, and especially to seniors, their families and their communities. In order to adapt to the many changes brought about by population aging, we must first improve our knowledge. This publication contributes to that objective by describing the income, low income and income inequality situation in the Québec population aged 55 and over.

    This publication is structured as follows. The first chapter presents the methodology. Note that the population studied is limited to persons living in a private dwelling. The next chapter focuses on the income of persons. It analyses average income derived from main sources of income, then provides the proportions of recipients by source of income. Chapter three contains an analysis of low income, while chapter four examines income inequality. These last three chapters describe the situation in 2010 and the evolution since 1981. Finally, an overview of the main findings and certain limits regarding the generalization of these findings are presented.

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