Les profils de revenu des personnes à faible revenu

    A low income situation is not limited to social assistance beneficiaries, far from it: not only can a person live below the low income cut-off and receive income from a source of income other than social assistance, but they can even combine two sources of income or more. What are the main combinations of income sources, in other words what are the main “income profiles” of the low-income population? And what are the characteristics of these various profiles? To our knowledge, Québec research and data have not yet been able to answer these two questions because sources of income are treated separately (Statistics Canada, 20132; Crespo and Rheault, 2013). This article attempts to find answers through a sample of the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics (SLID) including all individuals 16 years and older residing in Québec with low income in 2010 (n = 1165).

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