Les pratiques de conciliation travail et vie personnelle : un outil pour atténuer la détresse psychologique des salariés du Québec

    The objective of this study was to draw a portrait of the personal and employment situation of Québec workers aged 50 and over. More specifically, it focuses on three major aspects, namely health status and workplace stress among these workers, as well as their level of satisfaction toward the job they held in 2008. These elements are highly relevant to the whole debate surrounding the extension of working life. The report also includes a section on retirement plans, which can take two forms: staying in the labour market or retiring permanently.

    The study is divided into five sections. First, it examines the extent of both the aging of Québec’s workforce and the major changes that have affected the labour market. Second, it looks at older workers’ self-declared health status. The study then explores the issue of workplace stress among these workers. The fourth section of the study focuses on work satisfaction as perceived by older workers. Finally, the last section contains a multivariate analysis centering specifically on older workers’ plans for retirement.

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