Les changements faits par les Québécois pour améliorer leur santé en 2007-2008 - Série Enquête sur la santé dans les collectivités canadiennes

    The fifth national report on the health status of the Québec population (2011) is a reminder to Quebecers of some of the consequences of lifestyle habits on health. For example, a sedentary lifestyle and the overconsumption of calories increase the incidence of obesity and diabetes in the population. These behaviours are often precursors to cardiovascular diseases or other chronic diseases. Exposed on a daily basis to messages, programs and interventions emphasizing the benefits of adopting healthy lifestyle habits, Quebecers are increasingly aware of what they need to do to improve their health. However, significant challenges must be met to motivate them to take the difficult step of changing habits. What do we know about Quebecers’ efforts to improve their physical health? The data presented in this bulletin aims to answer this question.

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