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    La violence familiale dans la vie des enfants du Québec, 2004

    This publication presents the results of a province-wide survey conducted in 2004 that addresses parental attitudes and behaviours in terms of child discipline. This is the second edition of the survey. The report describes the current situation and its evolution since the first edition of the survey in 1999.

    The annual prevalence of non-violent discipline, psychological abuse, minor physical abuse and severe physical abuse is estimated from a series of items that make up the Parent-Child Conflict Tactics Scales (PCCTS) questionnaire. In addition, this publication examines the factors associated with these behaviours, including the age and sex of the child, the socioeconomic characteristics of the parents, their attitudes towards corporal punishment, the type of discipline experienced in their childhood and the presence of conjugal violence. The fathers and mothers are compared with regard to their attitudes and the factors associated with the behaviours reported.

    The information was collected through telephone interviews of two independent samples comprised of 3,148 mothers and 953 fathers who were asked about a child (aged between 0 and 17 years) living with them.