Habits Related to Oral and Dental Health

    The characteristics of oral and dental health problems of Québec children under 5 years of age are still poorly known. The biological risk factors of dental caries are well understood, but the role of associated behavioural, psychosocial and socioeconomic factors remains less clearly defined.

    This first year of the longitudinal study provided data on habits related to the dental health of 5-month-old infants. Various characteristics of the infants, mothers and households were examined in association with the use of a baby bottle and pacifier for falling asleep at night or nap time during the day. Use of fluoride supplements was also investigated.

    Subsequent years of the study will analyze other determinants of oral and dental health in young children, such as oral hygiene, diet, and use of dental services.

    Ultimately, a clinical examination might be conducted in a future year of the study to help better understand the etiology of oral and dental health diseases by evaluating the influence of these various factors.

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