Enquête québécoise sur les couvertures vaccinales contre l’influenza et le pneumocoque, 2001-2002

    This publication presents the results of the Québec Survey on Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination Coverage, conducted in the spring of 2002, following the 2001-2002 flu vaccination campaign. This is the first edition of the survey. The results provide estimates of the flu vaccine coverage among persons aged 50 and over as well as lifetime pneumococcal vaccine coverage among persons aged 65 and over.

    The report also examines certain determinants of vaccination, such as preferred vaccination locations, reasons for not getting the vaccines, and “missed” opportunities.

    The target population includes all Quebecers aged 50 and over living in private households. In total, 2,384 people responded to the questionnaire in 2002.

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