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    Enquête québécoise sur le développement des enfants à la maternelle 2017. Portrait du développement des enfants par sous-domaine de l’IMDPE

    This series of publications, which includes a provincial report and a report for each of Québec’s 17 administrative regions, presents a detailed portrait of the developmental status of kindergarten children in 16 sub-domains measured by the Early Development Instrument (EDI) in the 2017 Québec Survey of Child Development in Kindergarten (QSCDK).

    Conducted among more than 5,000 teachers in about 1,800 elementary schools (French- and English-language, public and private) in Québec’s 17 administrative regions, this large-scale survey provides reliable data on the children enrolled full-time in 5-year-old kindergarten in 2016-2017. Over 83,000 questionnaires were completed by the children’s teachers between February and May 2017.