Enquête québécoise sur l'activité physique et la santé, 1998

    The physical activity level of the population has a profound influence on health and well-being. Therefore, it is essential to have the most accurate information possible on the subject, which is the purpose of this study.

    This study presents the results of a survey on leisure and transport related physical activity conducted using a representative sample of the 15 year old and over population. This survey provides a vast array of pertinent data on the situation in Québec in the past decade. Among other things, it takes a look at:

    • physical activity levels of the population and changes in these levels;
    • determining factors in the practice of recreational physical activities;
    • various factors related to this practice;
    • seasonal variation in physical activity level;
    • the most popular leisure and transport;
    • related physical activities.

    This document also includes recommendations on how to improve the level of physical activity of the population and provides several research avenues.

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