Enquête québécoise sur l'activité physique et la santé, 1993

    This monograph was produced using data from a survey on leisure-time physical activity in Québec; this survey is a supplementary component of the Enquête sociale et de santé 1992-1993.

    First, this document describes the categories and levels of leisure-time physical activity, as well as their evolution since 1987 (survey by the Ministère du Loisir, de la Chasse et de la Pêche on physical activity in Québec). It then examines the changes in the level of physical activity according to selected health status indicators, determinants and consequences. Lastly, it addresses the following aspects for each type of activity: popularity, evolution and gender differences.

    The target population of the survey is comprised of the non-institutionalized population aged 15 and over and residing in Québec; however, the Cree and Inuit regions and Indian reserves are excluded. In total, 1,967 persons participated in the survey.

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