Enquête québécoise sur la nutrition, 1990

    This report provides a descriptive analysis of the results of a nutritional survey, which is a specific component of the Enquête québécoise sur la santé cardiovasculaire et la nutrition and was conducted using the same sample.

    Multiple aspects of the Québec population’s eating habits are covered in this report: energy and nutrient intake; food consumption and contribution of foods to nutrient intakes; and attitudes, perceptions and behaviours regarding eating habits. The report then examines whether the objectives of the Politique québécoise en matière de nutrition (1977) and nutritional recommendations (1990) have been met.

    The target population of the survey is the non-institutionalized Québec population aged 18 to 74. 24-hour dietary recall and food consumption frequency questionnaire data was collected from 2,118 people.

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