Les dépenses du gouvernement du Québec en recherche, science, technologie et innovation (RSTI), édition 2002

    This publication, prepared jointly by the ministère des Finances, de l’Économie et de la Recherche et l’Institut de la statistique du Québec, presents the results of the Enquête sur les dépenses en recherche, science, technologie et innovation (survey on research, science, technology, and innovation expenditure) conducted in Québec government departments and agencies. The data gathered attest to the government’s contribution in those areas. Based on expenditure categories, socioeconomic objectives, sources of financing, and devoted personnel, the main themes touched on are:

    • intramural research and development activities;
    • R&D assistance programs;
    • technological innovation assistance programs;
    • assistance programs designed to disseminate scientific and technological culture.

    In order to better appreciate the survey results, this document gives an overview of the development of the indicators and methodologies used to measure research and development activities and other scientific and technical activities.

    Comparative statistics on several provinces put Quebec’s research and development efforts into perspective.

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