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    Crops conditions

    Observations by crop type, which are detailed on a regional basis, provide information on factors such as ground moisture conditions, seeding and harvest operations, climatic conditions, crop stage, causes of damage, predicted yield as well as production quality.

    Crops under study : Apples; Barley; Blueberries; Canola; Cranberries; Dried beans; Fodder corn; Grain Corn; Honey; Local market gardening; Market vegetables - Fruit; Market vegetables - Leafy vegetables; Market vegetables - Miscellaneous; Market vegetables - Root vegetables; Oats; Potatoes; Processing beans; Processing corn; Processing peas; Strawberries; Soy; Tame hay (mowed); Wheat.

    Québec crop condition indicators are released monthly, from regional data collected by La Financière agricole du Québec