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    A first estimate of material productivity in Québec

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    Québec, December 5, 2023. – The Institut de la statistique du Québec is publishing its first estimate of material productivity for Québec. This indicator expresses the ratio between GDP and domestic material consumption. This consumption reflects the use of materials such as biomass, fossil fuels, and metallic and non-metallic minerals by the Québec economy.

    In Québec, material productivity stood at $1,504/tonne in 2019, down from $1,788/tonne in 2016. This means that the amount of wealth created per tonne of materials used has decreased in the province since 2016. The reason for this decline is that domestic material consumption increased faster than the GDP. In Québec, material productivity— as well as the changes observed in the past few years—is strongly affected by metal ore mining, including iron ore mining.

    The study also looks at the quantity of materials in relation to the following:

    • Domestic material consumption
    • Domestic extraction
    • Trade with the other provinces and territories in Canada and with other countries
    • A comparison between material productivity in Québec and in Canada

    Breakdowns are also provided by category of materials and stage of manufacturing where applicable.

    This first estimate of material productivity is based on the concepts of material flow accounts developed by the United Nations. It also builds on the European experience.  

    This Institut’s estimate will be revised regularly as data become available and could be enhanced.

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