Statistiques bioalimentaires : l'agriculture québécoise et l'ALENA, 1990-1994

    Considering the newly emergent socio-economic universe resulting from the North-American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the important place that agriculture occupies, the Bureau de la statistique du Québec (BSQ) joined in this publication the majority of known biofood statistical data referred to Québec and the signatory countries of NAFTA, for 1990 to 1994.

    In addition to the indicators (social, demographic and economic) in the first chapter, the reader will find comparative data on the biofood activity in Québec, Canada, the United States and Mexico in the next three chapters:

    •  agricultural productions;
    • the processing into agricultural and food products;
    • international trade of agricultural and food products.

    A brief analysis, graphs and many statistical tables supplement this work. In short, the BSQ delivers all the statistical data available on the subject with Statistiques bioalimentaires : l'agriculture québécoise et l'ALENA, 1990-1994.

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