Évolution des habiletés psychosociales de 17 mois à 6 ans selon le sexe et le milieu socioéconomique

    This report describes the evolution of various psychosocial issues between the ages of 17 months and 6 years, namely, hyperactivity, inattention, anxiety and depression, aggressive behaviour, oppositional behaviour, prosocial behaviour, shyness, social withdrawal and victimization. The initial level of these issues and the rate at which they develop in early childhood are presented according to the sex of the children and their socioeconomic environment. We learn, for example, that inattention develops differently depending on the child’s sex and the socioeconomic environment in which the child is raised. The findings in this report are based on data collected in the Québec Longitudinal Study of Child Development from 1999 to 2004.

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