Les entreprises utilisant le crédit d'impôt pour la recherche universitaire. Rapport d'enquête

    Introduced in 1987, the tax credit for university research helps Québec companies access existing resources in the public and parapublic research network in order to meet their specific R&D needs. In the winter of 2006, the Institut de la statistique du Québec surveyed companies using the credit to find out more about:

    • their profile;
    • the characteristics of the R&D contracts they entrust to public and parapublic research institutions;
    • the reasons why they use those institutions;
    • the spin-offs of the contracts they entrust to them;
    • their evaluation of their business relationship with those institutions.

    The Institut's interest in measuring the various aspects of R&D, namely the relationship between businesses and universities in an innovation context, is not new. However, the Survey of Businesses that use the Tax Credit for University Research provides a deep insight into the dynamics linking the companies to public and parapublic research institutions.


    • Enquête auprès des entreprises utilisant le crédit d’impôt pour la recherche universitaire
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